Eagle Tutorial

Creating PCB using eagle PCB is relatively easy. Firstly, required schematics of the circuit is drawn using eagle schematic software. Then, it is converted to eagle PCB layout by FILE -> SWITCH TO BOARD.

The layout below shows a layout after SWITCH TO BOARD in FILE has been pressed. On the right, is the dimension of the board while on the left shows all the components that is added on the schematics that we just created.

The components has to be rearranged to reduce indirect route. This will take most of the time required in PCB routing. PCB complexity can be drastically reduced.

Autorouter can be used to route the traces but manual route can helps to reduce indirect routing that often cannot be done by the autorouter.

Ground plane can be introduced by using the polygon tools and name the polygon as GND. It is used to reduce the EMI on the PCB. The image below shows a PCB which is ready to be fabricated.