Sunday, January 26, 2014

Updating fedora EOL to latest

WARNING: Do it at your own risk!
  1. Edit fedora.repo to include repository.
  2. Yum update.
  3. Download and install the latest kernel, kernel-header,kernel-dev from rpmbone for your fedora version.
  4. rpm --import the_key__version_you_intend_to_upgrade_to
  5.  yum update
  6. yum clean all
  7. yum --releasever=version_you_intend_to_upgrade_to distro-sync

Fedora 16 -> Fedora 17
  1. There are a few problems with the packages: dhclient, dhcp, etc that are not updated resulting no internet connection
  1. Use live cd
  2. mount chroot /mnt/sysimage /bin/bash
  3. yum check all
  4. manually remove and reinstall the packages that reports the error
  5. yum update
Fedora 16 -> Fedora 20

 So far no problem. Data still intact except some software removed.

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